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Crown and Collar

Grade 4

The inspiration for the title Crown and Collar came about after doing a little research behind the symbolism of the white stag in Arthurian mythology. In Arthurian literature, the pursuit of the white stag symbolizes mankind's spiritual quest. Though this is all philosophical and interesting, what drew my interest was an image of a white hart wearing a crown around his neck like a collar. This image belongs to Richard II of England and symbolizes the burden of greatness. This piece was written in a rounded binary from to contrast the image of greatness observed from the outside with the burden and reflection happening on the inside. 

This piece was commissioned by Chris Miertschin for the Hutchinson Community College Wind Symphony and was Premiered May 4, 2018. 

Recording done by the University of Tennessee Symphonic band under associate director of bands Michael Stewart. 

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Crown and Collar
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