Entry #3

The candidate works with others to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, includes teacher and student use of technology, and encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.

As a music educator I have the skills to implement a culture of collaborative learning and interaction so that students have the tools they need to develop as learners outside of the classroom.  Collaboration is an essential aspect of being a composer. I am frequently collaborating with other musicians and teachers on their commissions. It is important to me that the piece I put out is a product of a shared vision and goal. During this process, we discuss the outcome, the emotion or meaning behind the piece, and the purpose for the commission. As a result, each piece I write has a different feel and pushes me in different ways. In addition to my experience in collaboration for a product, I frequently collaborated with the other graduate students in the band office to achieve a multitude of tasks leading up to gameday. College gameday is a big event that requires days, weeks, and up to months of preparation. We worked as a team every step of the way to ensure that someone was addressing every task that needed to be taken care of. To achieve this, we frequently made use of google docs that everyone could edit and leave comments on. We also communicated often and had fun being silly along the way. These positive relationships helped keep the work atmosphere from being too dysfunctional and created a stronger bond so that we felt excited when someone in our group succeeded. 

Students will benefit from my experience in collaboration in several ways. First, students will have a hand in shaping the classroom to be an environment that suits their goals as musicians and as young people. As a result students will feel they have a safe space to make mistakes and grow. Secondly, I require that students take on leadership roles as they move through the program even if it is by leading through example. This helps students take ownership of the program for themselves and future students as well as create higher standards for the program in the future. Lastly, students will often be broken up into groups to complete small research assignments, create, and perform chamber music. Music programs are built on teamwork in their nature, my goal is to strengthen their experience through these ways.

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