Entry #9

The candidate engages in ongoing professional learning and uses evidence to continually evaluate his/her practice, particularly the effects of his/her choices and actions on others (learners, families, other professionals, and the community), and adapts practice to meet the needs of each learner.

As a future music educator I am committed to ongoing engagement in professional learning and use my gained knowledge toward the growth of my students and program. My eight years of college have provided me with a multitude of opportunities to engage with the larger music community outside of the school. Working with the Kansas State Bands has especially presented me with opportunities to observe and work with great conductors around the country during the annual Concert Band Clinic. In addition to observing conductors’ rehearsals, many of them gave presentations to current educators on varying topics covering time management to percussion pedagogy. Through the band program I was also able to attend Midwest Clinic in Chicago which is the largest conference for music educators internationally. Here I was able to network with other musicians as well as learn from the best music educators alive through master classes and presentations. My favorite session from this last year was about leading rehearsals that inspire. I was also able to observe some of the best middle school and high school bands in the country and take note of their pre performance rehearsal preparation. Kansas Music Educators Association conference every February offers many of the same opportunities but on a more local scale. Here I was able to listen to bands from Kansas and connect with old teachers and peers. Lastly, my work as a composer connects me with educators and composers around the country. I have learned much from watching these directors teach my work.

Students will benefit from my continued learning because all my learning is for their musical growth. I am not under any impression that I have learned everything I needed to in college, that is why it is important to learn from the best and most seasoned in the field. Additionally, other teachers develop new pedagogical techniques that I can try to expand my teaching repertoire therefore reaching more of my students.

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