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Grace Baugher


Grace is an up and coming composer whose music employs memorable melodic material and whimsical styles.


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Woodwind Ensemble

The mirage that exists most prominently in each of our lives is the one we place
on ourselves. Our image is painted by the ideas of who others say we are and
the person we think we have to be. Mirage represents that moment when the
illusion of this invented persona is lifted and you finally see yourself and you’re so
much more than you thought you were.
Writing for a woodwind ensemble has its difficulties, but the best feature of this
ensemble is that there are so many instrument colors. The goal was to put these
colors to good use by creating choirs: clarinet, saxophone, and flute/double reed.
Clarinets have a warm sound that blends well and plants a solid foundation. This
allowed the melodic ideas in the oboes, flutes, and saxophones to really stand
out without one instrument overpowering the other. The piece moves through
simple progressions and melodies that layer and expand until it reaches the final
point when everything is resolved and there is an element of satisfaction both
musical and personally.


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