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Standard #1

As an effective teacher, I use my diverse education background in performance, composition, music theory pedagogy, and music education to ensure students receive a thorough education in music from a variety of time periods, styles, and cultures that suits their skills as musicians. Each of my degree and certification concentration areas has prepared me well to teach. My horn performance degree and emphasis in horn pedagogy has taught me how to work with musicians at the earliest stages of their musical development and what skills they need to develop early to experience the joys of performing quickly. The performance side has trained me to be professional in high stress situations and to perform well in less than ideal circumstances. Studying composition has enlightened me to the vast potential of instruments and voice. Each instrument has a unique voice that contributes to the overall musical experience, just as each student has their own unique voice. Education and experience teaching music theory has given me the language to teach the fundamentals of music, so that anyone, no matter their level of musical training, can understand and communicate what is happening in music. Each of these areas of emphasis have contributed toward the lens through which I view music pedagogy. The schooling I received in music education gave me the vehicles to present all of my musical research.

Students will benefit from my instruction because I am well versed in multiple areas of music.I have studied various pedagogies in a multitude of fields which allow me to find a style of learning that works best for each student based on their development stage in music. Further, students will benefit by working with musicians and educators from across the country. My career as a composer has introduced me to many musicians and educators that I can call on to help augment any areas where I am not the expert. Finally, students will benefit from my experience of teaching musicians at all levels of experience.

Standard #1: List
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